As I suggested in my last blogpost, one way to ensure a good focus on what is important and achieving your goals this year was to make time to declutter your mind and surroundings.

Taking that to heart, each day I have spent a small amount of time purging old files and papers. It’s been entertaining to find my notes from former projects, clients, and training I completed.

I have also found a few gems with handwritten notes of appreciation and a special half sheet of paper that is titled:

purpose-wordsNancy’s  Leadership Purpose   6-3-97

Now at the time I was the head of HR and Training for a distributor of toys and my plan to begin Sales Pro Insider was taking shape.

My statement:

To coach and support the development of others which leads to their growth and fulfillment.

To aid in the formation of productive goals that enables us to achieve our common goal.

I actually remember working on this statement;  how I had many lists of possible purposes… and how hard it was to narrow it down to the most important.

What is amazing and rewarding is that here it is 16.5 years later and this purpose still drives me.

  • Developing others by equipping them with the skills and confidence to succeed.
  • Aiding individuals, teams, and companies to form and then achieve goals.

One of my short listed goals for 2014 was to clarify my purpose to ensure I was proactively achieving what was most important to me.

Who knew that on January 6, 2014 the answer would find me from the past.

p.s. One thing I can’t understand is this: if this was my purpose, why was it scribbled on a half sheet of paper? I’m rectifying that and having it printed nicely and framed for above my desk.

How about you? Is your current purpose in  your role the same or different from even a year ago?