Quickly build the skills unique to your sales & service organization

Each of your sales and service people are individuals. They learn differently and have different skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Out-of-the-box training programs that introduce “widgets” and treat everyone the same may not work.

Small-to-midsize businesses have unique needs and challenges. Your staff is more of a family than a roster of workers. The makeup of your team can span generations. At Sales Pro Insider, we recognize these nuances and create customized solutions that address the specifics critical in helping you reach your business objectives.

Custom training programs are designed to embrace your culture, emphasize the passion for what you bring to market, and work through the change process to build repeatable habits and skills that ensure new behaviors stick.

You get just what you need

Our custom training courses are designed with two key components:

  • An informative, interactive, and engaging workshop
  • Reinforcer sessions to “bake” in the skill

The interactive, hands-on, and fun workshop introduces the concepts and tools to address the skills you want to build or the performance challenge you want to eliminate. The reinforcer sessions help move your people into action as we apply a Change Process® designed to enable the adoption of new behaviors that become habits.

The design of your custom training course begins as SPI collaborates with you and your stakeholders to identify areas for improvement related to growth objectives, sales or hiring process improvements, or excellence in service initiatives. The collaboration continues as relevant, interactive, upbeat, and practical training is designed and delivered with support tools to drive the skills into repeatable activity.

Examples of recent custom training programs

Working Through Difficult Conversations was developed for inside customer service/sales professionals in a financial services company. Participants learn and then practice how to turn the challenging moments during a customer interaction into an opportunity to resolve the problem, strengthen the relationship, and remove the emotions that get in the way.

The course is currently a key part of the annual offering for hundreds of professionals in the organization and is among the top three rated training courses the company uses.

Collaborative Negotiations Where Everyone Wins: Developed for seasoned sales professionals who were stuck in a rut with habits that led to early concessions, lower profit margins, and deals stuck in the pipeline. The solution to these issues was a one day training workshop with case studies, a custom planning tool, skill practice, and best practice identification. Two reinforcer sessions followed over the next four weeks to dive deeper into the concepts and drive accountability for action.

The participants demonstrated increased confidence and competence which led to winning two deals in the 10 days following the initial workshop.

Consultative Sales Support Conversations That Deliver Value was developed for a team of subject matter experts who support the sales reps.  The goal was to help them first understand the value they bring to the sale, the client, and the company and then improve their skills in delivering value. The course was a two-day immersion of best practices followed by a series of seven classroom reinforcers to practice, reinforce, and build long-term habits.

The feedback surveys from the sales team has shown increased perceived value of the sales support given and the number of reps using the service has increased by 28%.

Present us with your specific challenge and we’ll collaborate with you to put it in the past.

To help get you started, here are some of the most requested topics:

• Hiring top sales performers • Working through objections/ Negotiations • Major account management strategy
• Powerful presentations • Repeatable referrals • Building loyal customers
• Cross-selling

• Time management

• Embracing change

• Your Competitive Advantage

• Coaching for success

• Team building

• Leading through change

• Identifying Buyer Personas

• Prospecting

• Personal accountability

• DisC and Myers Briggs Type Indicator workshops

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