Yesterday Susan Coomer called for help.  She wanted help putting together a quick training on “communication from the shadows“.  No kidding!  It was an assignment from her boss and she thought it was very Alfred Hitchcock – like.    hitchcock

We brainstormed (there are so many directions to take on this topic)… and discussed that shadows have connotations of dark, secret, scary and hiding.  How many times have you felt like that as you communicated with someone?  Then regarding shadows, Kayla (my awesome college student-aide) said “Isn’t that just the opposite of transparency?”

Yup, those young-ins can call it sometimes!  Transparency is such a buzzword these days.  Though social media and technology(remote working) have removed a lot of shadows in communication, they’ve also created new shadows haven’t they?

So, how do you communicate well to not cast a shadow for others?  A few tips:

1. Use your e-communication wisely. Even if you work remotely, quick emails/instant messages/texts can easily be taken out of context.
2. Pick up the phone, and meet face to face sometimes.  Your message will be sent and received so much more effectively.
3. Adjust your “language”to words and tones that will resonate with the receiver.  Do they like to use thinking/feeling words?  Lots of detail/little detail?  Facts/Ideas?  Slow to respond/impatient if you haven’t responded within a nano-second?  Pay attention and adjust accordingly.
4. Focus on what’s in it for them (wiift).  When your communication remains focused on the value, the benefits and THEM, there are fewer shadows.

Mystery and mayhem might have worked in Hitchcock films, but they just complicate our efforts in the business world.  Step into the light by communicating effectively.

How have you come “out of the shadows” in your communication?