Before I found my real athletic talent as a runner, I was a middle-school cheerleader. One of the sideline cheers I remember from this short stint is, “You know you can do it if you put your mind to it. So buckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it!”

This catchy chant morphed into important “self-talk” on long-distance runs as I repeated it over and over in my head to keep me going. Now, when I hear my kids or team members struggling with getting something done, I’ve been known to break into the cheer, clapping and all! While it is a little annoying to some, I almost always see a smile on their face and a more positive “can do” energy level follow.


It’s fascinating to observe how the “can do” attitude impacts people. When we work with companies, we pay attention to the seemingly little things that make up the culture: the prevailing attitudes and mindset, activities that are acceptable, and the “language” used. It’s fascinating to observe how each of these impact company culture.

Through our observations, we see a larger cultural pattern emerge:

Some company cultures are “can do.”

Some company cultures are “can’t do.”

And here’s another observation…you, the leader, set the standard.

How do you respond to something new? Whether it is a new idea, project, opportunity, or challenge, is your first thought or words “can” or “can’t”?

The can or can’t mindset makes a huge difference day in and day out. The results of those daily differences create a cumulative effect for your company.

Company cultures that tend to lean toward the “can do” end of the spectrum appear to have an easier time of embracing new ideas and change, and attracting customers and team members.

[Tweet “Whether you think you can…or think you can’t…you are right! ~Henry Ford”]

While none of us have control over the industry, the political landscape, interest rates, or what our clients do and don’t do, we can focus on:

  • What we can control.
  • The actions we can take.
  • Who we can connect with in order to further opportunities and relationships.
  • Why we can succeed.
  • How we can achieve the goals and objectives important to you.

Those are a lot of actions you can do to model the mindset that moves your entire company forward.

You can strengthen or start a “can do” culture by:

  1. Modeling a “can do” attitude and action.
  2. Counter “I can’t” or “we can’t” statements with, “What can you do?” or “What can be done?” or “If that can’t be done in that way, how else could it be accomplished?”

Of course hiring people with a “can do” attitude (desire and commitment) is easier than trying to change a “can’t” mindset, but you can influence, encourage, and change the focus for your entire company.

Your “can do” culture starts with you. Can you commit and put your mind to it, so the entire company can buckle down, buckle down, and not only do it, do it, do it,  but more importantly, get it done?

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