It’s here, it’s really here!2011

2011 is here… But have no fear.  You can reach your goal without as much toll.

  1. Determine your target.  You will end up somewhere by year’s end, identify where you want to be.
  2. Take your actions to market. If you aren’t talking to your prospects or customers, someone else will be.
  3. Use your available tools. Spend your time and energy wisely with all your tools – people, technology, skills and more.
  4. Don’t be any one’s fool.  Keep your information current and your expertise top notch.

With these easy tips, you are now equipped!

P.S. I promise that I do know it…that I am not a poet 🙂  Don’t let the silliness keep you from the message…YOU have more control over this year than you think.  IF you define and direct your efforts.