Why New Year’s Is Not the BEST Time to Focus on Goals

Nearly every website, blog post, and article this week is about goals. A focus on goals is never a bad thing, but is now the best time to focus on goals? Don’t get me wrong, goal setting is a key factor in top performance in any discipline. The problem is that SO much emphasis is put on setting the goals at the beginning of the year and not...

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One Question To Launch Your Annual Business Review

The year-end is here. Is your sales team in the midst of their big push? Wouldn’t it be great to not be in crunch mode at the end of the month, quarter, and year next year? It is possible with a plan of attack that begins with a review of what worked and what didn’t this year. Make this review easy. Start with ONE question to launch...

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4 Ways to Prove Your Sales Training Is Worth It

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your first round of budget planning for next year included all the items you know are necessary to grow your business: payroll, benefits, facilities, maintenance, production, supplies, and investments in technology, training, and tools. Unfortunately, they’ve come back to you with a note saying you have to...

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4 Ways to Stop the Data and Detail Dump!

You’ve finally got the meeting or someone has paused long enough on the phone for you to talk. What happens then? Do you start talking quickly to explain what your product is about? Explaining the features and benefits they should care about? Pitching the information you think everyone should know? Stop! Too much information too soon stops...

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It’s Time to Pause and Say Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There are no gifts to buy, no fancy clothes to wear, and a day when taking a nap is not frowned upon. I appreciate the focus on thankfulness at work and home. It’s a great time to pause and say thanks to customers and employees alike. You can ignore political, ethnic, and religious constraints and truly...

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How Well is Your Team Equipped for the Sale After the Sale?

Oh, the highs and lows of your company growth. There’s nothing like the high after your sales team closes a big sale. After the deal is done, the papers are signed, and the deposit has been made; the celebration commences. Yeah for the sales team! But six months later, the client is questioning the decision, unhappy with implementation, and...

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The ONE Question You Must Answer Correctly to Win Sales

After spending two weeks at conferences and trade shows, I noticed something simple, and yet so important to your success. When someone asks you, “What do you sell?” Or “Tell me about your product…” There’s a more important question beneath the question. What your prospects or buyers are really asking is,...

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