Sometimes You Just Have to Drive

She handed me the keys and said, “Enjoy your trip.” I stood in front of the counter stupefied…didn’t she know? Didn’t she know I have NEVER driven on the “wrong” side of the road while sitting in the driver’s seat on the “wrong” side of the car? I stopped her and said, “I...

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sales Rep Turnover

“I’m giving notice today.” What manager longs to hear those words from a sales rep? Those words typically don’t make a sales leader’s day. Yet maybe some rep change isn’t the disaster or reason to make a lot of changes. I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of sales rep turnover. Let’s look...

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Your Greatest Sales Tool (It’s Not What You Think…)

What do you need to accomplish in your sales efforts? What about in your home? Office? Whatever you want to “get done” will be easier if you have the right tools. From closing a sale, creating a lead gen campaign, sending a proposal…or even painting a room,; anything you need to get done is easier when you have the right...

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The Easy Peasy Way to Start Sales Coaching

Every year new research shows the impact of individual sales coaching. It seems most sales leaders “get” that we are supposed to coach our reps. Yet, it can be so hard…but does it have to be? The case for sales coaching is compelling, with the most recent I’ve seen from The Sales Management Association noting: Companies...

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What Not to Do When You Hear a Sales Objection

It’s often the “sticky” part of a sales conversation…when your buyer states the dreaded “but.” This is when you can make or break the sale the moment you open your mouth. That’s why I’m sure you’ll want to keep reading for this very important “What Not to Do When You Hear a Sales...

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Never Ever Ever Make the Same Stupid Sales Mistake I Did

I recently found myself in a sales situation that brought back memories of a sale I am not proud of. In fact, I am quite embarrassed. Yet if we’re smart, we can learn from mistakes, can’t we? And big mistakes can lead to really big lessons, can’t they? So you never ever ever make the same stupid mistake I did, read on. Years ago...

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Activate Your Team to Sell More

It’s an endless cycle of trying to get more from each person on your team, isn’t it? You can’t take a break from the sales push because of the demands and expectations from your board, stakeholders, team, and maybe even your spouse! So what can you do to activate your team to sell more? Activate them! Here are three easy...

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Why a Win-Win Sales Approach Falls Short for Winning Big

For so long, we’ve been told to focus on win-win solutions and win-win negotiations. Yet in a traditional win-win situation, the goal is for two stakeholders–typically the buyer and the selling company–to win. Where does that leave you, the seller? When you close a sale, who really wins? Is it you? Your customer? Your company?...

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The Hidden Phenomenon That Makes Your Meetings Unproductive

When is the last time you walked out of a team meeting and thought, “Wow, everyone was engaged, involved, and participating?” From what my clients tell me (or should I say complain to me about), this doesn’t happen very often. Instead, most people leave their meetings thinking: I hope everyone does what they need to now. That...

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