Make the Right Call Now to Win Business Later

Have you heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care?” Now is the time that we should be keeping that mantra in mind as we proactively use these next weeks to reach out to people and set the stage for helping them, strengthening our relationship with them, building trust, and earning the right for...

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Are Your Clients Receiving the Best “You” During This Crisis?

Greetings! Please picture yourself sitting on a really comfortable airplane seat, getting yourself all settled in as you’re excitedly thinking about the fabulous destination you’re going to and the wonderful things that you’re going to do there. Got yourself seated? Just snuggle in because those seats are so comfortable. As you’re getting...

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Join Us Thursday, March 19th to learn How to Talk with Upset, Confused, Fearful, or Difficult Clients and Prospects

  From fears about the coronavirus to stock market volatility, people are nervous, fearful, disappointed, and confused. That’s why now is a perfect time for you to skillfully talk with people in a way the lets them feel heard and understood, in a way that reassures them in a “language” they understand. At the center of every conversation,...

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Want to Keep Prospects from Ghosting You? Take These 3 Actions

Do you like scary movies? If so good for you. I don’t and never have. Anything that has to do with the supernatural or extraterrestrials just freaks me out. That’s why I find it so interesting how a spirited word—ghosting—has become such a part of our business language, especially when we’re talking about prospects. One of the top 5 questions I...

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Beware of Busy Buyers: Make Your Solution Easy to Buy

“Never underestimate the laziness of buyers.” That was the advice a mentor gave me. He was someone I trusted, respected, and would take all of his suggestions and put them into play. Yet this advice was very offending to me because I’ve never considered my buyers or my clients as lazy people. No, they’re hardworking, they’re really smart, and...

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Objections or Opportunities? Your Mindset Matters

Last summer I visited Yellowstone National Park with my family. We looked forward to hiking, seeing cool geysers, and were hopeful we’d have the opportunity to see a real grizzly bear in the wild. Little did we know that on Day 3 as we rounded the bend during a hike, 150 ft away would be a mama grizzly and two cubs. Within moments, three out of...

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Are You Making It Easy to Buy Your Solution?

While my tips are about how you can be more productive in your selling efforts…I learn so much about being a good seller from the situations I have as a buyer. In buying new cell phones recently, I visited a national mobile carrier who seemed to put up every barrier possible for me to actually purchase two cell phones. From a long wait, to...

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A Holiday Message

  Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season. It’s a perfect time to pause, breathe, and spend time with those you love. -Nancy Bleeke and the Sales Pro Insider Team

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