3 Reasons You’re Not Converting #3: Your Misuse of Connection

In this final installment of the series 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting like you should, we look at the third major reason behind a lack of conversion. And the 3rd reason, following a misuse of time and a misuse of focus for the conversation, is a misuse of connection. This is an especially timely topic because during a recent Ask Me...

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3 Reasons You’re Not Converting #2: Your Misuse of Focus

In your first meeting with prospective clients, who and what are you focused on? Is your focus on the right person and the right topic to help you provide that person what they need to confidently take the next step in your process? This is the next installment of the series: 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting like you should. In the previous...

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3 Reasons You’re Not Converting #1: Your Misuse of Time

I need to be efficient with my time. I don’t want to waste time with people that aren’t going to go anywhere. Those are two statements I hear from financial pros when they’re talking about their selling efforts and sales process. In this installment of the 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting like you should series, I share the...

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3 Reasons YOU’RE Not Converting: The Why of This Series

Are you converting your prospective clients to the next step as often as you want? Or are you having that first interaction, meeting, or conversation, only to realize that prospective client is not committed to taking the next step? Maybe they say they’ll think about it. Or maybe they schedule the next meeting, but then they “reschedule” but...

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Stop Using These 5 Wimpy Words and Close More Sales

Words are powerful. And the words we choose to use during our sales conversations can make or break the opportunity to close that sale and help that person. Our words have the power to “make” the experience good, bad, or indifferent for that prospective client. Our words allow us to educate, excite, remove fear, and gain commitment as well as...

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COI Relationships: The Sale You Aren’t Making

Are you frustrated or have you abandoned your efforts towards COI (Center of Influence) outreach? I hope not. Too many advisors have. They’ve talked to person after person and received ZERO referrals. Maybe they’ve even made some referrals of their own and yet haven’t received any in return. Why Have COI Relationships? I get the frustration....

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