Danger, Danger! The Pitfalls of Premature Proposals

We’ve attended several weddings this past month – we’re in that stage of life! And in listening to the stories of these new couples, no matter how they initially met, there was time, shared experiences, and getting to know each other before the engagement proposal. Premature Proposals Lead to Broken Engagements Yet in sales…I see buyers ask for a...

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In the realm of all holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. It’s a no pressure day (even when I’m cooking) because there are no gifts to buy, no fancy clothes to wear, and a day when taking a nap is not frowned on. It’s time to focus on thankfulness at work and at home. A time to pause and say thanks to customers and employees alike. You can...

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The Qualifying Conundrum in Sales: Misfit Clients Beware

Let me ask you a question or two: Is every client you’re working with someone you wish you could duplicate? Are they profitable, finding value in your solution, and do you look forward to your next conversation with them? If you didn’t answer a resounding YES to those questions – maybe it’s because they aren’t the right clients for you… and if...

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To Make More Sales, Make Time for Preparation

Have you ever watched what an athlete does before their event? Or any type of performer before their production? There’s stretching, visualizing, time with their coach and teammates or cast members, practice, and often quiet reflection. They often say they can “hear” the applause from the crowd in their head during their preparation. No matter...

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Stop the Interrogation: Go Forward with Conversion

I am a Law & Order SUV junkie – I enjoy figuring out the plot twists and whodunnit. I watch with interest how the detectives interrogate the suspects to get to the truth…or what they believe is the truth…and the information they seek. They sit across the table and look them straight in the eye. They ask questions that include assumptions and...

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Why the Selling Winner’s Circle Is Bigger Than You Think

When’s the last time you considered who’s in your winning circle when you’re successful in your selling efforts? After all, the goal of our selling activities is to win business, trust, and a long-term customer or client, isn’t it? Who Really Wins? Yet – who really wins when a sale is made? Is it: The buyer? The company providing the...

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Finding the Right “Touch” for Lead Generation

Do you need to grow the number of prospects or leads at the top of your funnel? Most businesses do. And there are many ways of yielding potential buyers. It’s like my need for fresh vegetables…I want them fresh and have more than one way to get them. I’m a regular Saturday morning farmer’s market kind of girl. Wisconsin in the summer and Florida...

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Mindset Matters: Why You Must Slay Your Mental Monsters

When I was about 8 another kid told me a scary story about a woman who lived in closets and attacked children. Every night for months I was afraid that “Mary” was in my closet…and no matter how many times my mom and dad opened the closet door to show me there was nothing inside, I was terrified and ended up in their bed at some point. Our mind is...

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Preparation Is Your Key to Powerful Sales Performance

Preparation Promotes Powerful Performance It’s a tongue twister and yet there’s a lot of depth in that statement. It got me thinking about when my daughter tried out for a competitive dance team. After a week of workouts, she was the only person “cut” before the season started. She was dismayed…for about 36 hours… and then she declared, “Mom, can...

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Working Through Objections with Stop Drop and Roll

Working Through Objections Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane… when you were very young you learned what to do if your clothes caught on fire…  Say it with me…Stop, Drop and Roll…. What’s great about how “stuck” that is in our minds is that it’s also a powerful approach when we feel under fire when faced with an objection in a sales...

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