From Process to Playbook Your Small Business Sales System

Some people love systems; others don’t. Yet systems drive everything from our bodies to our businesses. Smart business owners set up all kinds of systems to gain efficiencies in core functions such as product/service delivery, accounting, procurement, etc. Yet many don’t take the same approach for their sales function. Instead they follow a few...

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5 Key Ways to Get More Leads from Your Trigger Offers

Trigger events. Those events that trigger something that is changing, has changed unexpectedly, or may need to change soon also trigger some sort of emotional reaction for people! And those emotions create an opportunity for you to connect to people you already know and leverage those existing relationships into opportunities to meet new people....

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The Offer You Must Make TODAY to Work with More Clients TOMORROW

Do you have capacity to help more people? Most advisors do. Yet they get stuck in the “How do I get in front of more people?” conundrum. The good news is that TODAY is a fantastic opportunity to add more value to existing relationships so you can start new relationships. Similar to the beginning of the pandemic, the recent proposed tax law...

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Are You Guilty of “Distracted Selling”?

Has This Ever Happened to You? Have you ever had a conversation scheduled with someone and yet you were distracted by something right up until the time of the meeting? Maybe something was happening on your phone or in your office. Maybe there was a television screen in the background that kept capturing your attention. That distraction is a...

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Join Us Tuesday, June 29th to Blast Your Sales Growth Goals Away

  Figuring out what to do for sourcing and converting new clients can feel a little like taking shots in the dark, can’t it? It doesn’t have to. Executing a strategic approach hits the target faster than a shotgun blast. That’s the subject of our free monthly workshop (virtual of course) on Tuesday, June 29th at 2:00 p.m. Central. Strategy...

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Join Us Thursday, May 20th for Virtual Conversations That Sell

Buyers and sellers alike are finding the virtual format for communication is here to stay. Are you making the most of this mode of communication? That’s the subject of our free monthly workshop (virtual of course) on Thursday, May 20th at 11:00 a.m. Central. Virtual Conversations That Sell In this 30-minute workshop, I’ll cover: 3 actions...

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