The Conversation Opener That Closes Sales

The Conversation Opener That Closes Sales Did you know that the start of your sales conversation has a huge impact on the end of your conversation? Let me illustrate with this example. Last week, I was anxiously awaiting a two-week in the works sales appointment with a service provider for my business. It’s a service I needed. I was excited. He...

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It’s Not Small Talk; It’s Smart Talk

For two weeks I looked forward to a sales appointment. An appointment where I was the buyer, not the provider. My company desperately needed the service being offered and I had high hopes I was going to get a solution to a nagging issue.Imagine my surprise then when Mark showed up at my office, sat at my table, opened his portfolio and said,...

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The Qualifying Conundrum

No Matter What You Think…Any Client Is Not Better Than No Client. This week I’ve spoken with three different financial advisors about a very important factor when adding new clients: Not EVERYONE is going to be a good client/customer fit for you. The difference in whether the client will be a good fit or an ill-fit is found in the...

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Now is the Time to Launch 2019

Here we are at year-end…the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a year-end push for completion on projects all while trying to make time for family, and so much more to fill our days! Yet, now (as in TODAY) is the best time to launch your 2019 business success. It begins with a business review. Let’s make this review simple and...

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The Great of Grateful

We’ve officially entered the “season” of holidays for the year…closely bundled together in the US anyway, we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Years. I’m grateful it starts with Thanksgiving. There are no gifts to stress over, no need for fancy clothes (comfy is key with the hearty food), and a...

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Stop the Prospect Chase and Follow-up

Most people know who first responders are…those heroes that charge into danger to save the day! In selling efforts, though, we are more likely to run into non-responders. Those prospects who seem to run away from you after a conversation. The non-response reaction starts harmlessly enough. You have a meeting with a prospect that seems to go...

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Don’t Let Your Buyer’s Laziness Stop Your Sale

“Nancy….you’re making this too difficult for me.” A client recently wrote those exact words to me in an email. Those are not the words I ever want to see — or hear. The email then went on to tell me how busy he was, what he wanted to “just get done”, and for me to take care of it. What came to mind as I...

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Why Does Sales Still Get a Bad Rap?

Just the other day, I ran into someone I haven’t seen in a very long time; we served on a school board together years ago. As we did the typical “what are you up to?” chit chat… she said, “Are you…uh… still in sales?” At first, she impressed me by remembering that I have spent the last 20 years not...

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