3 Must-Include Ingredients to Actually ACHIEVE Your Goals

92%. What a high number for something, and it must be positive, right? So, what is it? …It’s the estimate for the number of goals abandoned within 30 days of being set. Yikes! People put so much effort into setting the goals to have them go away that quickly. I believe the problem isn’t in the actual goal that’s set; it’s the...

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Ready for 2021? First, Ask Yourself These Questions

It’s that time of year – thinking about next year! You’ll hear or be asked: “It’s time to set goals!” or “What are your goals for next year?” and that is important of course. But too often the goals for next year are set without important information to identify realistic and achievable goals, the information gleaned by pausing to review THIS...

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Join Us Monday, November 23rd to Stop the Sales Shame Game

You may have never imagined yourself in a sales role. Yet here you are, with “sales” as part of your responsibility. That can lead to feeling some shame regarding being “in” sales, and shame can create challenges to really connect with your prospects and help them with your solution. I’m working hard to change that...

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