Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers The Dangers of Labeling Our “Team”

It can be very easy to think, lead, and coach a “team” as its’ own entity. The problem with this approach is it can be dangerous to treat the group or subgroups of individuals within that team as one. How many times have you heard…“There is no ‘I’ in team?”  While I’m hopeful this saying has become a thing of the past and that leaders don’t buy...

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3 Questions to Ask Your Team This Week: Quarter End Conversation Tips

It’s the end of Q1. The results are now officially “in the books.” How has your team performed? Are they on track for sales, productivity, and overall performance goals? If you have more than one person on your team, most likely your answers are mixed. Some are doing great, some are making it, and some are off. It’s one of the biggest challenges...

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5 Actions That Build Your Team: Why What You Do Matters

Leaders, when is the last time you scratched your head wondering why your team culture or attitude isn’t what you want it to be? Why the ‘team’ isn’t succeeding at the level you expect or need? It may start with you. Is your environment a building environment with positive support, challenging expectations, and effective communication? Or...

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