Summer has arrived. And what better time to adjust your thinking, skills and beliefs in your own sales abilities?

The longer light of these summer days can give us more energy…let’s make sure we use some of this extra energy in our sales careers!

Top Sales Experts has just published their summer Edition 2009 eBook – over 30 sales experts Share Their Top Articles!

A couple of articles to whet your whistle:

  1. Lori Richardson shares great information on social media in her Email is Dead article.
  2. And way at the end – page 143 to be exact (yes there is THAT much great information) –  Tim Wackel provides tips to Stop Blaming the Economy:  Three Tough Questions for Winning More Business in Today’s Soft Market

Click on the widget below to access the site and download your copy.  Then pull up the chaise lounge, a glass of lemonade and some sunglasses and enjoy…



You will find my article on Lost and Found Treasuresis on Page 116 (Jonathan Farrington, the Captain of TSE, didn’t want to list alphabetically this time…not great for an author whose name starts with “B”).  I guess you will need to look for the treasure on page 116 🙂