Today is a dreary, rainy day in Wisconsin. Its the type of day that it would be easy to take it easy. What about you? What are some reasons why today might be a good day for you to take it easy?

We can always find reasons to ‘not’ do things, can’t we?   hand-money

  • Urgent customer situations
  • The “not ready’ excuse – need more time to prepare
  • Not feeling well
  • Tomorrow will be more ideal
  • Why bother? No one is buying anyway
  • With oil prices so high, everyone is nervous about the economy again
  • And many more

That’s why viewing this video made me remember that our biggest barrier to success might just be US!  Our own beliefs and self-imposed limits on what we can do, shouldn’t do, etc.

Whether you’ve seen the 6 minute movie before or not – its a great message on perserverance and belief!

Enjoy the movie and then strive to ‘Give it 10 more steps’ today. See where those extra steps will take you!