When you think of “Annual Sales Trip” what images come to mind?  Swaying palm trees, a golf course, great dinners and camaraderie?  Anywhere in that image does the frozen city of Fargo, North Dakota come to mind?

Probably Not.  Yet, I just read an amazingly funny story about a sales team that did not achieve their goals in 2010.  And a Sales Director who followed through on his commitment.

Josh Halpern of Just Born Candy company – makers of the marshmallow Peeps and Mike & Ikes (love these!) – set a sales expectation for his team in 2010. The team was able to select their Reward for making goal…and a consolation price if they didn’t.  They set their sights on Hawaii for their prize.  And North Dakota as consolation.

Well, earlier this week they enjoyed their trip to North Dakota after the year’s results fell short of goal….You can read the article here.   Think there is motivation to achieve goal in 2011?

What about you?  I often remind readers that we need to celebrate our successes and follow through on our rewards. Do you have levels of rewards based on your outcomes?  It might be just the motivation to hit the goal the next time.

Now I’m thinking that this isn’t the ONLY creative sales leader or team out there…what other examples of “cold’ rewards have you experienced?

And to the team at Just Born…let me know if I can help with tools and training to ensure you earn the BIG reward next time.

AP Photo/Ann Arbor Miller

AP Photo/Ann Arbor Miller