Have you ever had this experience?

Someone whom you look up  to, consider a role model and whom you want to emulate suddenly notices you?  Or validates something you have done?

That’s how I felt this morning when I saw that Jill Konrath – of Selling to  Big Companies, Sales Shebang and Get Back to Work Faster – posted a blog post about Sharpenz.   I wanted to sing Barry Manilow’s song…Looks Like We Made It!

Really!  Jill does topnotch work, gives her stuff away free with the Great Sales Give and is mentioned in thesame breath as all the big sales “guys”.  And now she has endorsed Sharpenz sales boosters!   This nod has given me energy today!

If you haven’t yet visited www.sharpenz.com now is the time!  Our 50% off ALL orders ends on November 15th.  We hope you’ll take us up on a Try Before You Buy – and then return for more.

As Laura Holtz of Data Financial told me today (she delivered her first Sharpenz on Monday):

To my great pleasure…the booster is so well written… there is movement, collaboration and …. that is was exciting to hear how engaged they were.

Our marketing manager said “who, amazing to have the people on spot with you that time of day so engaged, really sharing high level of energy.  We were thrilled!

Thanks Laura for your feedback!

Make the time to visit Sharpenz today – your team will thank you for it!