It is amazing at how often I observe professionals – sales, leaders and service professionals – realize that they aren’t as effective in listening as they first thought. The realization comes through activities and short assessments through our training workshops.

The focus on active listening – which is more than ‘waiting for your turn to speak’ is one of the key take-aways. listen

Key tips on Active Listening:

  • Listen for more than words – intent and emotion matter
  • Send signals that let the other person know you are really listening – verbal and physical signals
  • Paraphrase what you hear without word-for-word repeating
  • Ask follow-on questions
  • Remain open to the information being shared before judging or jumping in

In looking for an easy way to assess active listening skills, I found this FREE Active Listening Quiz by McGraw-Hill Irwin. The results also give tips to help in the areas of listening that will benefit you the most.

Personally? My results show that I need to postpone evaluation when I am listening and to stop interrupting others. Nailed me accurately! And the busier I am, the worse I am in these two areas – which is no excuse!

Go ahead and take the 15 question quiz…when you are ready to ‘hear’ the results 🙂