Life has a way of stopping you in your tracks sometimes. We get so busy with our daily to-do’s and plans that we stop connecting with people we care about, who have been important to us in the past, and who deserve our time and attention.

In the past 60 days two fabulous women whom I admired, learned from, and laughed with left this earth. The one-two punch was so strong it felt physical.

[Tweet “Showing appreciation for those who support you in your time of need is time well spent.”]

They were people who had many challenges with health, family, and finances over the past decade. Yet you’d never have known it. They always had a smile on their face, kind words for others, and lent a helping hand whenever possible.


Their belief in me, support during challenging times, and celebration when I experienced success were unwavering. And I let them know I appreciated it… at the time.

Then time, distance, and my “busy-ness” got in the way.

It had been months since I spoke with either of them; possibly years since I thanked them for their friendship.

What a shame.

That’s why I strongly suggest you take time to pause for a moment and think about who has:

  • Believed you can achieve more than you thought you could.
  • Saw possibilities you didn’t know existed.
  • Asked you thought-provoking questions, that at times made you uncomfortable, and in the long-run made you glad they were asked.
  • Challenged you to stretch your beliefs, activities, and goals.

Then let the person know how they have impacted you. Make a phone call, send an e-mail, or better yet, put a handwritten note or card in the mail so they can treasure the message.

You’ll make their day…and your own.

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