Have you ever considered what it takes to get the result you really want?  Sometimes its just a matter of degree!   thermometer

There are all different degrees of professionals – hot ones, cold ones, lukewarm ones.  What makes hot, hot?  It can be the seemingly little things like:

  1. Follow-up
  2. Process – having one and sticking with it
  3. Caring to communicate the way the OTHER person needs to communicate
  4. Using resources wisely and effectively
  5. Having a mentor or coach
  6. DOING, instead of talking and thinking about something
  7. Setting goals – and a plan to achieve them
  8. Making the time for rejuvenation – keep the batteries charged!

The difference in degrees was powerful this morningl  I live in Wisconsin and for days we have been warned of a huge winter storm.  The kids were all set for a snow day today (Mom was too 🙂 – but guess what?  We were on the edge of the front that kept us at 34 degrees – meaning we had more rain than snow!

That means school is in session here, but just a mile west it is not because they have over 10″ of snow!   I tried to explain to the very disappointed high schooler that sometimes the difference in getting what you want and reality is…just a matter of a degree or two!

What do you think? What are some of the little differences in degree that makes a GREAT professional great instead of good?