Last week I was a buyer. I needed to purchase new ‘pieces’ for my training programs – binders, tabs, etc.  After hitting the local office supply stores and not finding what I needed. I surfed the Internet.

In my search for just the right tabs, I found The Tab Store.  Who knew such a store existed?  I was kind of excited as I went through the selection process, customized my order and added it to the Shopping cart. Before hitting Submit, I ran an idea by Lynn Zimmer and then was confused about the tab order and just left the shopping cart.  I figured I’d get back to it later.  But I never did.

Two days later I received an email from Judy in customer service. It was a simple email –

Thanks for registering with The Tab Store.  We noticed that you didn’t place an order. We were wondering if there is something we can help you with.  Did you find everything you were looking for?  Is there an issue we can help you resolve?

Please let us know.


Guess what?  It came at a perfect time when I was unsure and needed a little hand-holding so I responded. “Yes you can help me. Please call me at 414.235.3064.”  A little while later the phone rang.  I explained what I was trying to do, the rep helped me and even placed the order FOR me!  Yeah, something off the To Do list!

You know what? If she would not have acted on that ‘little extra’ and sent the email, I would not have ordered through them. The little touch of follow-up worked perfectly to close the sale!  extra

And now it’s your turn.

How many people are sitting now in your pipeline (or worse on your prospect list) with an unresolved want or need because they are not sure what to do. And that with a little nudge or offer of help – you might bring them GREAT value?

My challenge to you this week is to look at your list. Who maybe showed some interest and is just stalled. Who could you contact with a SIMPLE message to see if there is something ‘you can help them resolve’?  Maybe you’ll close more sales this week because of it!

Look at how The Tab Store benefited. They did receive my order AND they now have many hundreds of people hearing about it.

What would that kind of word-of-mouth do for you?

p.s. If you have a company you want to ‘hold up’ as the example that did the little extra that earned your business OR an example of a little extra you gave that paid off big – leave a comment! We can all benefit from knowing great ‘go to’ companies!

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As we hit March 15th also known as the Ides of March- the date Julius Caesar was killed – let’s add a happy spin to the date!  It’s half-way through the month (and getting close to quarter end for many of you).  It’s also half-way through the voting period for the Top 10 Sales Articles! My article on “The Three “I”s of Open Ended Questions is in 3rd place as of today and I would love to make a move UP and win!  Thanks in advance!