Are you converting your prospective clients to the next step as often as you want?

Or are you having that first interaction, meeting, or conversation, only to realize that prospective client is not committed to taking the next step? Maybe they say they’ll think about it. Or maybe they schedule the next meeting, but then they reschedule but never really set a date.

YOU Might be the Reason You’re Not Converting Clients

This lack of conversion to the next steps in your sales process happens way too often to the financial professionals I work with. And that’s why I’m posting this message, as a rant to STOP.

Stop what?

STOP getting in the way of people whom you want to work with making the decision to work with you.

You spend so much time, effort, and resources getting people into that first conversation with you, that it’s a shame that you may be the person getting in the way of them getting the help they need. How? By not giving them what they need to make a confident decision to move forward with you.

There’s No “I” in a Closed Sale

At its core, selling is an information exchange. Yet, I’ve heard so many advisors tell me about what they need in this first interaction. They tell me about the amount of time that they devote to it. I hear things like:

  • I’m looking to do this…
  • I want this…
  • I set it up this because…
  • I explain my process.
  • I give them my story.

There are so many I’s in these statements. And that’s the wrong focus. Instead of setting the conversation up to be the information exchange that needs to happen for that prospective client to take the next step, it’s focused on the advisor.

There’s also the issue of what is the decision or commitment sought? Without clarity on the joint objective, it’s a challenge to secure a confident decision for that step!

The next step might be the actual decision to work with you. Or it might be a commitment to the next step of the sales process: they’re going to supply information or agree to schedule that next conversation with the objective to help them move along the path to make their decision.

It doesn’t matter what the next step is. What matters is that you need to lead that conversation, lead that information exchange, so that each of you gets what you need to confidently say, “Yes, we should go forward together.”

A Rant without Actionable Advice Also Won’t Close Sales

To summarize this rant: Too often we’re the ones getting in the way of people getting the help they need.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make some simple—maybe not easy, but simple—adjustments that can turn things around and increase our conversion rate.

And coming at you hot with a rant without providing actionable strategies and advice doesn’t really help you.

That’s the purpose behind this new, limited series. Now that I’ve shared the rant, in the next installments I’m going to dive into the 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting like you should…and how to change that.

What You Measure Matters

And now a question about conversions: How are you measuring your conversion rate?

If you’re only measuring conversion from prospect to client, you’re missing out on important information. More metrics may be needed to know how effective your process is and how effective your skills are.

Track your conversion rate from step to step along the way. This will allow you to see reality. Where you have big fall off with the people you want to work, means you may have a big problem. Measuring and observing that problem is the first step toward fixing it.

Yet not all missed conversions are necessarily a problem. If you’re not converting the ill-fits that’s great. But are you doing that consciously to minimize the time, effort, and resources put into those situations? Or do they just “happen?”

You Don’t Have to Wait for More on Increasing Your Sales Conversions

Look for these next three installments in this series where I layout the 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Converting like you should. In the meantime, if that’s not fast enough for you, I offer 30-minute Sales Strategy Conversations at no obligation.

Click the link to schedule yours and rest assured the 30 minutes is focused on a specific problem, opportunity, or challenge that you let me know about. We’ll spend that time focused on practical, actionable strategies you can take. So, if you’re impatient for the series, feel free to schedule that Sales Strategy Conversation.

And if you are patient, it’s going to pay off. I’m going to lay out the 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting. I’ll share what I see and hear happening that gets in the way and then give you very specific ways to keep those reasons from derailing your conversions.

I’ll see you for the first reason you’re not converting in the next installment.


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