It’s the end of Q1. The results are now officially “in the books.” How has your team performed? Are they on track for sales, productivity, and overall performance goals?

If you have more than one person on your team, most likely your answers are mixed. Some are doing great, some areConversations That Count making it, and some are off.

It’s one of the biggest challenges of being a leader isn’t it? Getting every person on your team performing at their best?

Though you can’t rewrite last quarter or exactly repeat it; what you can do is focus your next conversations on the future to ensure that Q2 results are achieved.

Now is the time to engage each team member in a quarter end conversation. Now is the time to make sure your conversations drive performance for Q2.

To make your conversations count, ask each team member the first questions below and follow-up with relevant questions that continue to get them talking, processing, and committing:

1. What accomplishment from Q1 are you most proud of?

• Why?
• What does that accomplishment mean for you? The company?

2. What was the biggest obstacle you faced this past quarter?

• If the obstacle was removed: What was helpful in removing or minimizing it?
• If the obstacle still exists: What ideas do you have for removing or minimizing this going forward?

3. Please talk me through your plan for the next 90 days.

• What are your most important objectives?
• How confident are you that you will achieve these objectives? What drives that level of confidence?
• What will you do to reach them? (daily and weekly activity focused)
• What type of support do you need?
• What is your biggest concern about the probability of achieving these objectives?
• What’s in it for you when these objectives are met? What type of reward will push you to follow through on the actions?

Conclude the conversation by explaining how these objectives match expectations, the ways you will support their efforts, and a statement of your belief in their ability to accomplish their plan.

Think about it…these questions make this conversation focused on Them—their actions and commitment. Those are the two things each team member has control over.

What do you have control over? Your commitment to make your conversations, energy, and actions reinforce what each person is doing right. Your commitment also removes any obstacles that prevent them from succeeding.

A productive Q2 is sure to follow when everyone is focused on what they will do.

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