new year 2014Happy 2014!

It’s a fresh start and the time of year for resolutions and goals.

But wait! How effective are those resolutions–which by the way are really the goals that I often mention.

According to research just published from the University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology: Only 8% of those who set a goal or resolution are successful.


It’s a pretty elite group that actually achieves what they set out to do. You can be in that elite group with simple actions that will help you achieve your goals and stay committed to your resolutions.

  1. Declutter mentally and physically. Clear out what you don’t need. Even 15-30 minutes of time focused on removing items and thoughts that don’t help you will be beneficial.
  2. Identify an accountability partner or group and then schedule regular check-ins with that person or group to report on your progress, struggles, and your successes. It will keep you on track, help you remove obstacles, and be more enjoyable.
  3. Identify at least one thing you want to know, master, or develop in 2014 that can help you achieve your goals. Then enroll yourself, buy the program, or take whatever action will help you develop professionally and personally. As a President of a manufacturing company told me last month, “I learn something new every day.” Wonder if that is why he is the President of a successful company and on the boards of man others?

Make the time to do these three things and your probability of achieving the resolution or goal is much higher.

Your Turn! What other actions ensure success for achieving your goals in 2014?  Share your comments and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of Conversations That Sell.