Sales Pro Insider’s solutions for customer service focus on:

  • Customer Service Skill Development
  • Building Personal Accountability

Builds skill and confidence in providing exceptional customer service that leads to increased customer loyalty.

Genuine Service is a comprehensive training course that helps everyone in the company focus on what’s most important – your customer!

Every person in your organization affects the customer experience. Consistency in this customer experience drives customer loyalty, company growth, and profitability.

Participants focus on the skills, attitudes, and automatic behaviors that must be developed to reach a common goal of becoming a customer-focused organization.

Key program components include:

  • Easily remembered WIIFT conversation framework
  • Tribal Types language that makes each conversation truly customer focused
  • Six-week structured Reinforcement sessions that move the information into repeatable and consistent action

The Drive to Succeed

The repetitive nature of customer service conversations makes it easy to become complacent when providing customer service.

Genuine Service provides the Success Drivers model for your service providers to evaluate how driven they are to provide exceptional customer service.

It takes more skill and knowledge. It takes heart and a true desire to serve.

Full curriculum and methodology information can be requested by contacting a member of the Sales Pro Insider team.

This dynamic, interactive course drives the behaviors, consistency, and teamwork to ensure customers are more than satisfied – they are loyal.

Loyal customers mean referrals and repeat business to a company. This holds true for external AND internal customers. The internal customers (Employees) are direct links to the level of loyalty of external customers.

  • Identifying whom we service and the level of service expected
  • Determining the needs we fulfill for others
  • Actions necessary for effective relationship building
  • How to effectively identify needs
  • Actions that will create value and build long-term loyalty
  • How to communicate with different behavior styles
  • Working through obstacles in serving

Each session engages participants in dialogue and activity to prepare them to deliver higher levels of service!


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