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The ONE Question You Must Answer Correctly to Win Sales

After spending two weeks at conferences and trade shows, I noticed something simple, and yet so important to your success. When someone asks you, “What do you sell?” Or “Tell me about your product…” There’s a more important question beneath the question. What your prospects or buyers are really asking is,...

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The Worst Sales Advice Ever?

Last week I was the recipient of some of the worst sales advice I’ve ever heard… “Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” Never ask a question I don’t know the answer to? I suppose that would be good sales advice if I knew everything about each prospect, client, and situation. But how could I...

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How to Survive the Business Relationship Fail: The Magic of 5:1

Rebounding in a business relationship after a setback is tough. Heck, it’s tough in any relationship, isn’t it? While there is no “abracadabra” that fixes everything, there is a magic 5:1 ratio that can help you survive a fail, disappointment, or challenge. Recently I made a huge error in judgment that negatively affected...

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The One BIG Thing Most Sales Leaders Skip

As a sales leader, business owner, or company executive, you’re busy. With this busy-ness it’s easy to stop, or never start, making time for the one thing that will really build your business… building your people. The one big thing most sales leaders skip is effective coaching. Research shows 50% of a manager’s time...

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Easy Fixes for the Top 3 Company Sales Challenges

Listen to any sales manager, business owner, or president of a small to mid-sized company and you’ll hear how they aren’t completely satisfied with their sales results. They often blame economic woes (after all it is an election year in the USA), not being able to find enough good people who are great at selling, or the...

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The ONE Big Thing That Kills Your First Sales “Cold” Call

The dreaded first, or cold sales “call”, to someone new is ripe with opportunities for things to go wrong. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or face-to-face visit, these first calls often go wrong before the contact is even initiated. Why is that? Is it because so many buyers are still adverse to a stranger contacting them? Is...

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How the Pokémon Go Craze Can Help Your Team Sell More

Can you believe the level of Pokémon Go fever these past weeks? It’s amazing how quickly it caught on. I’ve even heard Charzard and Squirtle speak in the lunch room and hallways of major companies. The energy, chit chat, and determination to catch Pokémon are all activities most sales leaders wish they could harness for their sales...

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Ready or Not, It’s Time for a Mid-Year Sales Check-Up

Whew, the first six months of 2016 have flown by, haven’t they? It seems it was just yesterday we were creating our 2016 goals and refining our action plan for achieving them. After all, achieving the goal is the key, isn’t it? I don’t know many sales professionals or leaders who are measured – and rewarded – by...

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How to Know When It’s Time to Delegate Sales: A Close Look

Are you the rainmaker in your company? Or is your company not growing as fast or strong as it could because no one really owns sales? Do you find yourself working long hours, weekends, and holidays because you didn’t have time to work on product issues, operational excellence, or team connections? Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and...

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