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How the Pokémon Go Craze Can Help Your Team Sell More

Can you believe the level of Pokémon Go fever these past weeks? It’s amazing how quickly it caught on. I’ve even heard Charzard and Squirtle speak in the lunch room and hallways of major companies. The energy, chit chat, and determination to catch Pokémon are all activities most sales leaders wish they could harness for their sales...

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Ready or Not, It’s Time for a Mid-Year Sales Check-Up

Whew, the first six months of 2016 have flown by, haven’t they? It seems it was just yesterday we were creating our 2016 goals and refining our action plan for achieving them. After all, achieving the goal is the key, isn’t it? I don’t know many sales professionals or leaders who are measured – and rewarded – by...

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How to Know When It’s Time to Delegate Sales: A Close Look

Are you the rainmaker in your company? Or is your company not growing as fast or strong as it could because no one really owns sales? Do you find yourself working long hours, weekends, and holidays because you didn’t have time to work on product issues, operational excellence, or team connections? Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and...

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6 Reasons You Must Include Sales Training in Your Growth Strategy

It’s estimated that $20 billion is spent on sales training annually in the US, yet 55% of sales reps don’t have effective skills to succeed.* Does this staggering low result mean sales training is a waste of money, time, and energy? No! Not when sales training is a part of your sales strategy rather than just a line item in your...

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Earning What You’re Worth Happens in THIS Profession

The US Census income data from 2014 is released and reports the median income by different age groups and gender. I’m not going to get into the wide disparity between men’s and women’s income by age (which is shameful), because this message is about how gender and age don’t matter when considering income potential. If you want to earn more than...

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The 2016 Sales Must-Read Books: Build a Learning Culture

Staying mentally sharp and relevant is key to sales success. Buyers demand their sales reps be relevant, insightful, and valuable. As the leader, you set the stage. What information do you share with your team that positions them to bring extra value, challenges their thinking, and helps them be more skillful, work smarter, or open new doors?...

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8 Must Read Books for Sales Leaders

Leading, starting, or growing a sales team is a tough job full of lots of trial and error. That’s why those who can shortcut the learning and help us get to where we need to faster are so wonderful.  Here’s 8 books to help you transform your team, coach them effectively, set up prospecting activities and systems, and more. This is...

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Summer’s a Great Time to Pick Up a New Sales Book

This is the time of year I love! Long sun-filled days, warm temps, and lots of opportunities for outside fun. I spend a lot of time near water-our pool, the lake, and even a trip to the NW Pacific planned this summer) always with a book, or my Kindle, in one hand. (The other hand is for a beverage or snack of course.) Summer is a great time...

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Don’t Let Being “Part of the Family” Kill Referral Sales

Trusted advisor, business partner, collaborator, part of the family—all terms sales pros seek to indicate they are “in” with their customers. Joanne Black, my referral mentor, says these terms are good indicators of referral possibilities. Well, that is…unless  that close of a relationship starts killing referral sales. I was so proud of being...

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